by Kathryn on October 25, 2016

Hooray! Author copies of my most recent book arrived over the weekend: The Science of Dinosaurs, part of the Super Awesome Science series from ABDO publishing. The book is aimed at grades 3 to 6, a much younger age range than my usual audience. And it’s about dinosaurs. My son (almost 2) loves dinosaurs. So he asked me to read it to him.

I later realized: It was the first time I’d ever read any of my writing for children to my own child!

Of course, he was mostly interested in the pictures so I only got through about 2-4 sentences per page, but still. A heartwarming occasion for sure.

Dinosaur Science

I did notice one section that was changed in editing. I had written “Dinosaurs are still alive today,” which now reads: “Some descendents of dinosaurs are still alive today.”

Basically, many paleontologists now say that birds are dinosaurs. Not: birds are related to dinosaurs. Birds ARE dinosaurs. Living dinosaurs! That cool fact is a bit watered down by the edit… oh well.

I love the pictures and the overall design. It was a fun book to work on!

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