Thinking Differently

by Kathryn on September 7, 2016

I’ve been fact checking every issue of Muse magazine for a little over a year now. This job requires carefully reading every word of every issue. As a result, I feel a small sense of ownership for all of the articles, not just the ones I wrote. (I still contribute regularly, and someone else fact checks my articles.) It’s always exciting to see what the designer and artists do with the content.

This month’s issue focused on different ways of thinking. One of my favorite stories I ever wrote was re-published. I love this article because it’s so personal. It tells the story of when I worked in a preschool as a one-on-one aide to a three-year-old boy with autism. We grew very close during the year, and I still regularly wonder how he’s doing.


I also wrote a quiz based on the concept of Multiple Intelligences:


Finally, my YourTech column this month focused on Artificial Intelligence, specifically the idea of a “superintelligence” that might surpass human mental ability. Scary stuff!



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