Microbes, Microbes, Everywhere!

by Kathryn on October 12, 2017

I’ve spent a lot of time recently writing about the microbiome. My June article on Cool Jobs in forensics focused mostly on researchers developing crime-solving tools based on microbial fingerprints or microbial residue. I wrote another article on the same topic for Muse. It will come out in January.

My latest Science News for Students feature article is all about how microbes can help keep people healthy. I had a lot of fun with the gross-out factor. What kid doesn’t giggle about poop and snot? Well, turns out that these yucky things can be good for you.

Here it is:

Good Germs Lurk in Gross Places

I’ve got another short news story coming out soon about archaea — a type of microbe usually known for lurking in hot springs and glaciers. But they also live on human skin. I’ll post a link here once it’s published!

UPDATE: Here it is:

Sweat-slurping ‘aliens’ live on your skin

The article I wrote for Muse is out now as well. Here’s the first page:



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