From Crazy Critters to Magic Potions

by Kathryn on March 25, 2016

This spring, I have three silly activities coming out in Muse magazine. Writing an activity is always a fun break from working on a feature article. Especially when I get to try out the experiment myself and take pictures!

The first game, appearing in the March 2016 issue, challenges kids to figure out which creatures are real, and which are myths. The animals I included are: the Fiji Mermaid, Devil Frog, Jackalope, Hoop Snake, Goblin Shark, and Stinkbird. Do you know which three are real?


For April, I wrote a fanciful story that introduces the scientific concepts of mixtures, suspensions, and solutions. I absolutely love how the illustrations turned out for this piece. They make the story so much better! I’m also thrilled that the illustrator chose to make the main character brown, not white. (I’ve been a bit frustrated lately that when I go looking for a generic photo to headline a science news piece, almost all of the images I can find are of white teens.)


Finally, I have a magnet experiment coming out next month, for the May/June issue. For this piece, I wrote about the science of magnetism, then came up with a “mighty magnet” test for kids to try.


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