Rune’s Stones

Middle Grade Fantasy (Work in progress)

The heart stone is fading, leaving Rune’s family defenseless against the dream-devouring shadow creatures called the Ilk. Rune embarks on a quest to the unseen mountains armed only with the dream stones that once belonged to her mother. Rune discovers that she can talk to a tinderdeer named Akula, who knows that if Rune’s quest doesn’t succeed, the Ilk will destroy everything she loves.

Will Akula’s wisdom and Rune’s love for her little brother Robb give her the strength to mend the tear between her world and the dream world, even if it means giving up the dream stones?

Star Wall

Middle Grade Adventure – 160 pages (Work in progress)

Nora Crane Freeman’s stories of unicorns and the fearsome Bullet Man have always amazed and entertained her cousins, especially Aaron. But now they’re 13 and he’s outgrowing her imaginary tales. But Nora can’t let go. She’ll do anything to keep her childhood magic real, even risk her deep friendship with Aaron. When an ethereal light shines across the bay in the arched window of a ruined barracks on Dutch Island, “No Trespassing” signs and a creepy figure lurking in the woods can’t stop Nora from investigating the island’s secrets. Her annoying cousin Ollie and a reclusive old fisherman become unexpected allies as Aaron drifts away. Nora must prove to him, and to herself, that faith and friendship can overcome fear.

The Seaweed Solution

Middle Grade Science Fiction – 145 pages (Work in progress)

Being a sixth grade seaweed scientist isn’t easy. Especially when you find out you’re the only one who can stop an ecological disaster from coating streets, cars, and even people with living seaweed. Aspen May Wicklow gets caught up in a desperate attempt to save the future of the world when a ghostly figure steals her science fair project data and then her family’s pet rabbit. With the help of her best friend Joey, she sets out to get her bunny back and stop her arch-rival Olivia, who is about to create the seaweed that will take over the world.

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