Cutting Edge Technology

by Kathryn on February 18, 2016

Last spring, I wrote two books in three months. While also caring for my then-5-month-old son full time.


Today, I got to see the final product. These two beautiful books came in the mail:


The books are part of a larger series on Cutting Edge Science and Technology¬†from ABDO publishing. A book packager contacted me about writing for the series, and I chose to work on the Artificial Intelligence title. I’ve always been fascinated by AI and the prospect that computers could (or already do!) think. Plus, my husband Steve worked as an AI programmer in the video game industry for five years. I had some background knowledge and someone to help with research.

Still, it was a whirlwind trying to learn everything I could about the subject within the constraints of the deadline! The chapter on Deep Learning, in particular, kicked my butt. It’s very, very difficult to understand, making it a challenge to explain to middle school kids! I spent twice as long on that chapter as I did on any of the others.

As soon as I turned in that book, the packager asked if I could write another. They still needed an author for the Energy title. Of course I said yes. This time I didn’t know as much ahead of time. But I enjoyed learning. I wound up starting with electric cars, and adding an entire chapter on batteries. The nuclear fission and fusion chapter is my favorite, though.

I hope some kids, somewhere are enjoying these books right now!

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